What Can Sales, & Business Coaching With SMT™ Do For You?


SMT™ will help to accelerate your transition, through confidently converting fears into potential, to allow you in to achieve your desires like a superhuman.

Left to our own accord, most people don’t even realize the conditioning and patterns that are keeping them stuck. Having SMT™ at the core of my coaching is how we will easily identify and shift the conditioning that’s holding you back and launch you into the CREATOR of your own life.


Your weekly 1-on-1 laser Focused Coaching Sessions will give you the support, inspiration, motivation, and accountability, which are all required to bring about lasting change as quick as possible. I will help you to accurately identify what’s holding you back and transform it into fuel, replacing past conditioning with new, empowering thoughts that are in direct alignment with what you desire.

In doing so, you will start to experience immediate changes in your outside environment. This can be a simple process but is not always easy, which is why I will be with you every step of the way for accountability, ensuring your success!


The Group Mastermind is such a power place to build partners in believing, and mastermind with others that are going through the program at the same pace. Just think of someone asking a question you didn’t think to ask, or receiving on-spot coaching that leads to a breakthrough for you.

Having the support of your mastermind group is like the icing on the cake to ensure you achieve your desires in months, not years and actually get to enjoy of process of doing so.

“… my business went from annual sales of $7.5 million to over $22 million working with Joseph, and It was the only year of my adult life I took five weeks of vacation. I’m killing the game! Thanks coach!” — REGINA BOLT

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