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As a Professional Speaker, Joseph has been sought after and invited to travel the world, sharing his powerful messages, teachings, and motivation on living better lives with some of the top influencers of our generation, along with audiences around the globe, all looking to radically change their lives!

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Joseph has been interviewed by many outlets and business magazines. Read the interviews for more of his insights.

Have you ever wondered how your subconscious mind influences your success?

Check out this episode of The Forge Podcast, “Unlocking Your Potential: The Power of Beliefs and of a Paradigm Shift Towards Wealth and Fulfillment

As I share powerful insights on how subconscious conditioning and paradigms shape our actions and achievements. You’ll hear incredible stories of people who transformed their limiting beliefs to achieve financial freedom and success.

We walk along a journey of success and travail, for the two are inextricably tied together. It is a convincing argument of the value of difficulty and how to use that difficulty for shaping the life you really want.

The two questions that I asks every client are:

(1) Where are you now” And,
(2) Who do you want to be?

I believe the answer to the second question, “Who do you want to be?” always comes down to a matter of personal vision.

We address those questions and many more on this entertaining and fabulously insightful podcast on how to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of you and the life you want.


In this episode of the Rich Mind podcast, Me and Randy Wilson explores the power of the subconscious mind. I share my personal journey of growing up in a low-income family and witnessing my parents struggle financially. I explain how I became a student of personal development and began to understand the role of the subconscious mind in shaping my beliefs and actions. I introduce the concept of the subconscious as a ‘motherboard’ that hosts our programming, patterns, and belief systems. I emphasized the importance of aligning the conscious and subconscious minds to achieve desired outcomes. The conversation also touches on the pitfalls of being busy and the need for a clear vision to recognize opportunities. In this conversation, we discusses the importance of having a dynamic vision for your business and life. I emphasized the need to consciously choose success and abundance, rather than unconsciously settling for mediocrity. I explain that a dynamic vision encompasses not only financial goals, but also the impact on relationships, health, and well-being. I highlighted the role of imagination and intuition in crafting a vision and taking inspired action. I encouraged all the listeners to let go of past failures and judgments, and instead use them as stepping stones to greatness.

Redefining Riches: Joseph Drolshagen’s Path to Prosperity

Unlocking Potential: A Journey from Mindset to Mastery

In this episode of ‘Walk in Victory’, NaRon Tillman from Queens, New York, invite guest Joseph to share their insights on overcoming challenges and achieving success through mindset shifts. The episode delves into personal journeys of transformation, touching on topics such as the importance of internal work, the power of the subconscious mind, and practical strategies for growth. With examples ranging from entrepreneurship to personal wellness, the discussion emphasizes the pivotal role of an open mind and the potential to achieve beyond one’s current limitations. Joseph, with a background in corporate America and a transformation into a mindset coach, shares his approach to helping individuals and organizations scale their success and enjoy a fulfilling life. The episode is rich with personal anecdotes, professional advice, and motivational stories designed to encourage listeners to reevaluate their beliefs and to strive towards their version of victory.

Becoming Unstoppable: A Journey Of Open Mindset, Pain, And Ambitious Goals

Tom Dardick and business coach Joey Drolshagen dive into personal growth and development. Their conversation centers on the importance of having an open mindset and setting ambitious goals to avoid “playing small.” Joey shares his personal journey from corporate America to entrepreneurship, highlighting the importance of challenging subconscious beliefs and taking unconventional steps. Additionally, they explore the impact of fear and pain on decision-making and motivation, with a focus on the importance of vision in driving transformation.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Find Your Next Big Idea

Unlike other task-based business coaches, Joey has proven that developing systems of accelerating habits unique to the individuals and total mindset alignment achieves greater results in a shorter period of time.

Utilizing his Subconscious Mindset Training™ Method, he helps business owners and realtors across America, align their conscious and subconscious mind with their vision, transforming self-sabotaging behaviors, while linking accelerating habits that lead to greater success!

Joey leads clients to closing their knowing-doing gaps through creating systems of habits and personal transformation. He proves time and again that when you shift the conditioning causing limitation, you quickly begin noticing the difference.

Wondering how to transform your reality through retraining the subconscious mind?

In this episode of the 7-8 Figure Special Series I interviewed Joseph Drolshagen. Joey has been named one of the top Coaches in America for three consecutive years, in The NYC Journal and Disruptors Magazine, Joey is known for helping countless individuals to transform their lives through retraining their subconscious conditioning!

To become UNSTOPPABLE. If you’re a business owner struggling to grow regardless of the economy, this episode is your gateway to redefining success and unlocking your true potential. Tune in to learn how to develop your own system of accelerating habits and why an open mind is your first step toward unprecedented achievements

Discover why hard work isn’t always the answer and how aligning your logical mind with the flow of opportunities can lead to explosive growth.

Doing What You Love Isn’t Enough – How to Find True Happiness: Joseph Drolshagen

Joseph Drolshagen, also known as Joey, is more than just a business development coach – he’s a transformation maestro! Through his extensive experience, he’s uncovered a profound truth: the path to genuine happiness extends beyond merely doing what you love; it’s about ensuring that your actions benefit others. With Joey’s guidance, you become an unstoppable force, blazing a trail toward the life that sets your soul on fire!

Mindset Mastery with a Top Business Coach (ft. Joey Drolshagen)

Joey Drolshagen took the leap from decades of success in the corporate world to pursue a calling to help others live the lives they want. Since, Joey has become one of the top business coaches in the United States, and is the innovator of the Subconscious Mindset Training method.

Confidence Mastery Podcast

This week on the Confidence Mastery Podcast we have Joseph Drolshagen, SMT . Joey and I got on really well and I loved this conversation, we have stayed connected and I’m excited to share this with you.

And, after decades of studying, implementing and developing, the SMT™ Method was formed. He now helps individuals break down the blocks that have been holding them hostage, and align with their deepest desires to easily create lives of purpose, lived with passion and fulfillment through shifting and reprogramming the subconscious mind. After you enjoy the podcast, Click to see why the SMT™ Method is has become the business owners more relied upon source.

Scientific Based Real Estate Coaching

Join Joey Drolshagen & Dr. Hank as they talk about how Subconscious Mindset Training™ is helping realtors substantially increase their business while achieving more free time. After you listen, click here to check out the Realtor Mastermind that is changing how realtors are doing business

Discover how Joseph is assisting realtors achieve their highest earning years in real estate. All while opening up to new levels of life balance, to enjoy their efforts more fully.

This man proves time and time again that through implementing the SMT Method™, building your business can be fun again and does NOT have to contain struggle or become a long, drawn-out endeavor accomplished over years of exhaustive effort and endless hours.

Check out this podcast, The Secrets of the High-Demand Coach, with Scott Ritzheimer. then click here to learn what SMT is about and how it can assist you!
During this conversation we discussed how I have helped business owners and realtors achieve unrealistic (10x or more) growth in months through the Subconscious Mindset Training™ Method. I explain why massive actions and exhaustive efforts only lead to fewer and fewer results versus aligning with the business growth and life freedom one desires.
Listening to this podcast, you will discover. The power of developing a dynamic vision instead of all the strategies and exhaustive to-do lists. How to close the knowing/doing gap through conscious and subconscious mindset alignment. Why coaching didn’t work for you in the past (and what we do differently).

Anna Brook, the host of In Turn Podcast, interviewed Joey Drolshagen who is a business consultant and coach, the founder of IFGT coaching and SMT method. Aside from a very successful 28-year career, up to VP of Sales, Joey has spent over 3 decades studying, implementing, and developing what is now known as the SMT Method (Subconscious Mindset Training™), which has repeatedly allowed hundreds of people to create the life they desire, through retraining their subconscious mind.

Doing Business With A Servant’s Heart

Unlike other task-based business coaches, Joey Drolshagen has proven that total mindset alignment achieves greater results in a shorter period. Utilizing his Subconscious Mindset Training™ Method, he helps small business owners across America, align their conscious and subconscious mind with their vision, transforming self-sabotaging behaviors, while linking accelerating habits that lead to greater success! Joey leads clients to closing their knowing-doing gaps through creating systems of habits and personal transformation. Hit play and listen to this candid and inspiring conversation with Steve Ramona and Joey Drolshagen.

Turning Subconscious Sabotage to Ultimate Success

Live Interview with Mac Attram

Don’t miss this chance to learn how to tap into your innate wisdom and make the most of your potential. You will learn how to cultivate a deeper sense of intuition, leading to increased clarity, creativity, and success in your personal and professional life. Unearth how to ignite your intuition and make your life easier to help you achieve greater results with less effort. 

About paradigms

In this episode, my guest, Joey Drolshagen and I discuss the power paradigms, awareness, and the subconscious mind have in our life experiences.

Using his 28+ years of experience in Corporate, and knowing how it feels to want out, Joey has paved the way for others in the same position to step past their fears and hang-ups and step into entrepreneurship.

Continuous Improvement 4 life podcast

Find passion that is easy

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Facebook Live Interview with Joey Drolshagen
Interview by Kathy Byrnes, Realtor

Dec 14 – 60 MIN

Becoming The Conscience Creator of Your Life with Joey Drolshagen
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