About Joseph Drolshagen And The SMT Method™

Think Law Of Attraction On STEROIDS

Our Mission is to assist sales professionals and business owners in achieving unprecedented growth in their business, while creating more freedom in their everyday life.

As a full service business development organization, we serve our clients start to finish with processes that fit their needs:

  • Identifying the ideal business synchronicity
  • Developing and supporting “job” exit plan, through execution
  • Quickly scaling of business through developing unique systems of accelerating habits which incorporates the SMT™ Method
  • Job Benchmarking to identify the ideal employees in one shot

“I went from a $34k/month revenue, depending on a line of credit to cover the gap, to consistently achieving $200k-$300k/monthly revenue, and doing so within months. My new vision is $1 million in monthly revenue. Joseph showed me that’s possible! ” -Mose Nisley


Joseph has carved his own path in the coaching world, and has ‘been there, done that’ when it comes to career transitions. From pilot to builder, from climbing the corporate ladder up to Vice President of Sales over multiple corporations, and now taking the coaching industry by storm as “THE MAN” to see if you’re ready to transition your professional and/or personal life.

Using his 28+ years of experience in Corporate, and knowing how it feels to want out, he has paved the way for others in the same position to step past their fears and hang ups, and step into entrepreneurship, within months, then quickly scale to over 6-figures, replacing their current income.

And, after decades of studying, implementing and developing, the SMT™ Method was formed. He now helps individuals break down the blocks that have been holding them hostage, and align with their deepest desires to easily create lives of purpose, lived with passion and fulfillment through shifting and reprogramming the subconscious mind.

As an executive life coach, Joseph has helped hundreds of individuals transition out of their jobs, and move into entrepreneurship with incredible success, and he can help you too!

“I have watched my goals come to pass and exceed my expectations! I am excited to share that my business went from $7.5 million to $23 million, working with Joseph! I’m killing the game! Thanks coach!” — REGINA BOLT

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