Joseph Speaking


Joseph can be your Motivational Keynote speaker and ignite your audience or host a workshop that changes lives!

“Joseph Drolshagen is an awesome, inspiring speaker who captivates his audience while delivering amazing content…His practical wisdom is taught in an easy-going, humorous, engaging manner and you will leave inspired to take action and incorporate his suggestions in your life.” — SUSAN WALSH

As a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Joseph has spent decades inspiring and motivating audiences around the world.

This is a man who continuously leaves audiences in awe, and inspired to take action; to leave as leaders and live authentically!

Joseph has an inborn power to see into the depth of our hearts, moving us to tears, and in the next breath have us rolling on the floor with laughter using his hysterical story telling abilities.

His engaging speaking style is one that will leave a mark on your audience for years to come.

After a 28+ year career in Corporate America, up to Vice President of Sales over multiple corporations, Joseph knows how to create an environment of leaders, empowering through the uniqueness of each individual, instead of creating robots.

Having had highly successful careers as both a high-level Exec, and Self-Made Entrepreneur, his brilliance on stage is exuded through his down-to-earth, authentically loveable energy that brings a relatability factor to any audience.

If you’re seeking someone that will light your audience on fire with energy, enthusiasm, and tools they can apply to their lives immediately to bring about lasting change, then contact the IFGT team to book Joseph today!

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