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Whether you have a hot business idea waiting to be implemented, in the process of startup, or your business is within it’s first four years, the Life Ignited Program was designed specifically with you in mind. Utilizing the SMT™ method will help you get your business up and running, with structure and revenue in the shortest period of time possible.

Overcome all the frustration, fear, doubt and worry associated with breaking out of the mold and launching your business. While doing so, shift the underlying conditioning that’s keeping you stuck and instead immediately start bringing about change in your results. And do so with confidence and clarity.

“Before meeting Joseph, I was working in a job I couldn’t stand making $600 a week! Within months, I began working for myself, making $4,000 a week! Joseph’s process works” — TIM JAMES

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If you’re serious about growing your business rapidly, but concerned with who to trust to help you do so, the Business Ignited program has a proven track record of almost a thousand clients over the past decade and structured in a way to allows me to put skin in the game with you, in ensuring you achieve explosive growth in the shortest period of time possible.

The 24-week Business Ignited program has been scientifically designed specifically for Business Owners, and Realtors, to gain you revenue quickly. The Business Ignited program utilizes the power of the SMT™ method. Perfectly structured to deliver massive results to assist you in scaling your business to new heights.

If you’re ready to experience massive gains, with less effort, reducing the burnout, frustration, and uncertainty typically associated with business growth, Business Ignited Program will excel you into incredible growth and do so in months. It’s how business owners and realtors thrive!

“What I attempted to do on my own for years, took me months to do with Joseph! I was able to successfully transition out of my corporate position, and build a thriving coaching business! I couldn’t have done it without my coach!” — TEJINDER GILL

Team Building – Job Benchmarking

Once you experience the the rapid growth from Business Ignited, the next step is building your dynamic team. We will be right along side you, assisting you with job benchmarking, along with identifying the ideal candidate right out of the gate. We do so utilizing the same systems utilized within major organizations, such as Caterpillar, Canadian Mounties, and General Motors.
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If you are more of a self starter and want to get your feet wet, prior to diving in, then the Ignite Program is for you. Are you feeling stuck in life and tired of feeling unhappy? Having a hard time knowing where to start or finding the motivation to do so… I get that. Check out IGNITE, an on-demand, four-week program specifically designed for busy people who want to convert life’s struggles and limitations into opportunities.

Different from other life coaching programs, IGNITE is a power-packed program delivering dynamic results in the shortest time possible. See how your life can change, explore IGNITE.

“Within a year, I resigned from corporate and my business keeps growing. I didn’t even think it was possible to grow to this level of revenue, while having more time for my family and freedom to do more of what I love.” — DEREK CHINNERS

Align Manifest Transform book

Align – Manifest – Transform: It All Begins With A Desire

Utilize practical, scientifically based concepts, principals and tools as a teaching guide, as well as a reference manual to igniting your greatest desires from thought to reality.
This book is designed to quickly deep dive into 3 of the most vital areas necessary to
manifest your desires in the shortest period of time possible:

  1. To bring you into alignment with whatever it is you most
    want to be, do, have, create and experience in your life.
  2. To help you understand how easy it is to Manifest
    your deepest desires like a superhuman.
  3. To open up your awareness to the avenues that will assist
    you in becoming the person living the life of your dreams.

Life Lessons book

Life’s Lessons: All We Have To Do Is Be Open To Receive

“Everything we go through is a lesson for us to grow from.”
Through reading my stories and their overall lessons, my hope is for the reader to begin asking the questions that began a journey of transformation in my own life…
What if:
There were no such thing as judgement
No right & no wrong
No good & no bad
No fair or unfair

And if everything happens for our benefit… “Why is this happening in my Life?”

I hope the answers you receive astound you, as my answers have for me!