What’s Blocking You From Financial Freedom?

Do you know what your life’s purpose is?

Or better yet, do you know how to create a life of financial freedom, excelled through that purpose?

Many people would answer no to both accounts.  

But why is this? If we are placed on this planet for a reason, why do so many individuals spend their entire life going to jobs they can’t stand? Spending so many hours doing work that’s unfulfilling; trading their precious time for money.

It is the consciousness that delivers any answer you could ever need, but so often we block ourselves from hearing or being led by its call.

So, what is the block? What holds people back from living through their highest potential, and ultimately creating a life of financial freedom doing what they love?

I’ll tell you exactly what it is…

None other than their subconscious conditioning, patterns, and paradigms.

Often times people are conditioned to believe that true freedom and success are only for a select few, engrained even deeper by the fact that we see so few people living wealthy, healthy, and happy.

The problem is, people don’t even realize that it’s this conditioning, within their subconscious, that’s holding them back.

You see, the subconscious is a pretty powerful mechanism that is sorely underrated and overlooked, but the facts are that your conscious mind (the thoughts that you are aware you’re having) only make up less than 10% of your total brain function, while the subconscious mind (the part of our mind that controls all reactions, habits, and behavior) uses a whopping 90%.

The issue is that your subconscious mind holds all of your past experiences, conditioning, and feelings from the time you were born, up until this very second. It has processed these experiences, forming habits and behaviors that you yourself don’t even realize you have, which is exactly what keeps people stuck in jobs they can’t stand, living on scraps of their full potential.

And this, my friend, is why only 8% of the entire earths population ever achieve their goals and are able to live limitless while 92% are left in struggle, feeling stuck, and like they take 5 steps forward just to take 10 steps back.

The top 8% know something that the 92% don’t.

They know that to achieve their goals, they must be in alignment with them…on every level. Which would not only include the actions they take, but what they think about consciously, along with the programming playing out in the depths of their subconscious mind, which ultimately becomes the reality of their life.

They have the ability to create, and to achieve their goals almost effortlessly because they are in alignment with what they desire.

These are the people we like to say have “good luck” or “met the right person” or “were given an opportunity”.

Let’s face it, until we’re really ready to do something different about our life, it’s easier to write off others successes, rather than to look inward at what we could be doing to cause our outer world.

Don’t be discouraged though! Anybody, at any time, can alter their reality. Anyone can open up the doorway to find their purpose, and discover how easy it can be to live your passion and replace your income doing what you love!

You probably want to know how you can start to shift your subconscious right?

The first thing I do with any new client, whether it be an individual, organization, or corporation, is to help them develop a dynamic vision for their life. From there, we work on putting that vision on. The feeling it and acting it, ultimately becoming it.

In having a vision, it helps to not get caught up the current circumstances, where the natural reaction is to dive deeper into them. This is counterproductive to living a life you don’t need a vacation from.

Having a dynamic vision is a way to rise above current situations, circumstances, and conditions. The more you lean into your vision, the faster you will bring that life into existence.

Everything you desire, finding your purpose and living it with passion, creating a life of financial freedom, all exists within retraining the subconscious, which can be done in weeks.

And, after decades of study and application, I have created a process that does just that.

SMT™, or Subconscious Mindset Training™, is the fast track to create the life you desire, in weeks, not years… and I have hundreds of clients who would attest to that!

But, should you go this alone, please don’t underestimate the power of a vision. Know and believe in the depths of your being that it is not only possible to find your purpose and live it with passion, but it is your calling to share your God given gifts with the world…and create financial freedom doing so!

So, my friend, I hope that I have given you a new direction of thinking for you to start creating a life you love, and if you ever want to chat with an expert in the field of reprogramming the subconscious, reach out.

But until then, be blessed.


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